Fees payment

Payment procedures

After filling the registration form, it is possible to pay the fees by means of:

  • Paypal

  • Bank Transfer

Below you find the Paypal links and the bank account information.

PAYPAL (add to cart all the items of your interest and pay at the end)

1) Using this link it is possible to pay the registration fees using Paypal (including the publication of one paper on the Procedia Structural Integrity issue).

2) Using this link it is possible to pay the supplementary papers to be published in the Procedia Structural Integrity issue (only the first one is included in the fees)

ESIS BANK ACCOUNT (pay the total amount with one bank transfer free of charge for ESIS).

How to calculate the total amount:

Fees (100 euro; it includes the publication of one paper in PSI) + number of supplementary papers x 30 euros.


  • 0 supplementary paper = 100 euros

  • 1 supplementary paper = 130 euros

  • 2 supplmentary papers = 160 euros

The bank is: Uncredit banca

The name of the beneficiary is: ESIS (European Structural Integrity Society)

The coordinates are:

IBAN: IT22 N 02008 01160 000020016279


Please, after the bank transfer send to esisweb.org@gmail.com the receipt of the bank transfer.

Organizer: ESIS (European Structural Integrity Society)

Address: via G. Di Biasio 43, 03043 Cassino, Italy

FIscal Code: 97632990012