• Francesco Iacoviello (Università di Cassino e del Lazio Meridionale, Italy)

  • Aleksandar Sedmak (University of Belgrade, Serbia)

  • Liviu Marsavina (University Politehnica Timisoara, Romania)

  • Bamber Blackman (Imperial College London, UK)

  • Giuseppe Andrea Ferro (Politecnico di Torino, Italy)

  • Valery Shlyannikov (Kazan Scientific Centre, Russian Academy of Science, Russia)

  • Per Ståhle (Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden)

  • Zhiliang Zhang (Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Norway)

  • Pedro M. G. P. Moreira (INEGI - Institute of Science and Innovation in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Portugal)

  • Željko Božić (University of Zagreb, Croatia)

  • Leslie Banks-Sills (Tel Aviv University, Israel)


  • Fees (before 10.06.2020): 100 €

  • Fees (after 20.06.2020): 200 €

Fees include:

  • The publication of one paper on the dedicated issue of Procedia Structural Integrity.

  • The participation to the remote sessions.

Supplementary papers

All the Participants are allowed to submit supplementary papers, with the following conditions:

  • each supplementary paper will imply a fee increase of 30 euros/paper (publication cost contribution)

  • only one presentation per author will be guaranteed.

Cancellation policy

Conference registration canceled on or before 10.06.2020 is refundable but subject to a €50 administrative fee. Registrants canceling after 10.06.2020 will not receive a refund. The refund and cancellation policy will not be waived.


  • 10.04.2020: Propose a minisymposium

  • DEADLINE 20.06.2020: Registration and fees payment

  • DEADLINE 20.06.2020: Presentation and abstract submission

  • 29.06.2020: First day of the conference

  • 20.08.2020: Papers submission for the Procedia Structural Integrity issue

Event organization

  • Authors have to prepare their presentations (e.g, using powerpoint) as videos with audio in English (10-15 minutes max). The Authors will submit their presentations with an abstract (one page) using an online procedure (soon available). A tutorial is available here: LINK.

  • All the videopresentations will be uploaded in the ESIS YouTube channel (as private playlist and videos: in this way, only the participants will be able to watch the videos).

  • The videopresentations upload deadline is June 10, 2020, in order to give to all the participants the time to watch the videos of interest.

  • The virtual conference will be organized online with thematic sessions (e.g., using the Google Meet platform). The chairpersons will prepare one question for each presentation, at least, and, after the first question from the chairperson, the discussion will be open to all the participants to the session. The sessions will be open only to the discussions, not to the presentations.

  • Authors will be asked to submit the papers for the Procedia Structural Integrity issue after the conference (before August 20, 2020).

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